Vaccines against COVID-19 are being administered, the government may soon send out $600 checks to many Americans…so what should investors focus on next?

The $65 billion damper on the stock market heading into the end of the year

Brett Arends sees parallels to Christmas 1999 and questions Wall Street’s claims that it’s different this time.

Howard Gold looks back on his best and worst investment calls of the decade. Warren Buffett is in there.

Looking for another hot IPO? Here’s what’s on tap for 2021.

Plus: Here are holiday and New Year’s trading hours

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The fine print in the stimulus package

Congress finally passed a bill worth $900 billion and that gives many Americans $600, though President Donald Trump has suggested he won’t sign it because he wants taxpayers to get an even bigger check. (House Republicans on Thursday said no to a $2,000 payment. Follow MarketWatch for the latest developments.)

While that plays out, here’s what is in the package…and when you are likely to get a check (assuming you qualify).

Trump wins on getting an additional tax break for business lunches, or what critics call the three-martini-lunch deduction.

Those with money still to use-or-lose in their flexible spending accounts will catch a break.

Also read: The $900 billion COVID stimulus bill extends several tax write-offs, including for medical expenses and college tuition

And: What the latest stimulus package means for senior citizens

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When do I get my vaccine against COVID-19?

It might not be for months — here’s what you need to know.

But if you’re worried about that new strain of COVD-19 that has spooked Europe, there’s some good news.

Also: How many people have to get vaccinated against COVID-19 to reach herd immunity? 

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The 2020 boom in videogames…

One winner from the pandemic. The videogame business is now bigger than sports and movies combined.

Also: How to get a refund for the “Cyberpunk 2077” videogame.

…and where real estate will boom in 2021

Don’t write off New York City, say the experts. Now what about the Rust Belt?

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When to step in because of an aging parent

Weigh in on this family dispute: My sister is concerned about our 84-year-old mother’s money missteps; I think she’s overreacting—who’s right?

More on retirement: When and how will I retire? 3 strategies to get you there


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