BOSTON, Dec. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — After analyzing what is most required by their clients and gathering their best methods, Pixetic introduces unique UX design services. The goal of this upgrade is to make the process much easier for the clients and give them the best results. So, they are happy to introduce three brand new services: Digital Product Creation, Digital Product Transformation, Digital Product Improvement. 

Digital Product Creation is a perfect option for clients who have a project idea in mind but have no clue where to start. In this case, Pixetic offers them complete digital product creation — from website planning to product launch. 

Even the most successful digital product needs a regular makeover to fit in the ever-changing digital space. Digital Product Improvement is the next service that will help to keep the client’s website up to date. The website redesign turns the old version of the website into a more visible in the digital space and attractive one.

Finally, when it comes to the expansion of a successful product, the process of its growth requires advanced technological changes and more complex decisions. Pixetic’s Product Transformation service is ideal for that goal. It is designed to find the right product development strategy for business growth and to create an innovative, customer-oriented product that can easily adapt to the new markets.

About Pixetic

Pixetic is a digital design agency created as a subsidiary of Perfectial in 2017. With a team of seasoned UX designers and UI engineers, they build unique digital products to help brands grow and gain online visibility. Pixetic strives to add more value to every product that they build through unforgettable user experiences by performing UX research, building UX prototypes, and providing UX audit services. Pixetic strongly believes that great web design comes out of passion, talent, and personal commitment, and they will gladly apply our skills to help companies on their way to success.

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